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Want the truth?  Ok, here we go.

Myth 1: You will find balance. There is no such thing as balance. Don’t let the panelists and influencers fool you. The goal, in my opinion, is to find harmony. Harmony is when all things work, together. Nothing is sacrificed, but not everything is priority.

Myth 2: Once you set your plan, you’re good. Nope! It will and should change. What you set in motion this week could change the next. Expecting a plan of action you implement in April has little chance of still being completely effective in August. Be okay with recalibration. Embrace and expected. After all, the only that is guaranteed is change. 

Myth 3: Technology frees up more time. Wrong! Technology can help, but it can also hinder. Meaning, if you have the PS4 or Switch watching your kid all day, they are getting behind on valuable time to be learning and developing or spending quality time with you. Oh, and how much time to we waste scrolling? When we really picked up our phone to add a meeting to the calendar. Be mindful of the time you spend with tech to ensure it is applied to efficiencies rather than time sucks.

Myth 4: You have to do it all. Says who? We have to normalize getting help. Hire that landscaper. Hire the house cleaner. Hire the chef or order the food prep services. We work and build business to be able to live, give and do more — not to be tied down doing every little thing. Income should be leveraged to free up time. I used to get irritated to see the meme “You have the same 24 hours as Beyonce or Oprah. It’s what you do with it that counts.” The image is Bey’s hourglass figure after having kids and being over 30. My reaction was alway, bish please — that is until a friend put me on to game. The chef, trainer, lawn dude, laundry drop-off service, and house cleaner are all to spend more time creating or spending quality time with friends and family. Major lightbulb moment. We don’t have to be the #BossMom whose kids never see her.

Myth 5: You can have it all. Well, this is true, just maybe not simultaneously. There will be times when multiple things and seemingly everything is hitting on all cylinders. The gag is that it is not sustainable. Once you get all the balls in the air or the plates spinning, focus has to be shifted to the ball on the way down or the plate that is slowing. Once focus is shifted to one of the many, the others are not at 100%. 

Remember, grant yourself and others space to be our best and grace when we are not.

🖤, Brandi.