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#DYK: The most connected people are often the most successful.

I LOVE Networking, like LOVE. Most don’t, I get it. It is okay. Continue reading…

Networking is getting known by those who matter and collaborating for mutual success.” ~Brandi Rand

That is my personal definition of networking! I break this definition down in my trainings on networking. 

Here are the key things you must do to Network Like a Boss:

  1. Identify your networking goal.
  2. Perfect elevator pitch. You can have more than one.
  3. Attend the right event.
  4. Provide value.
  5. Have a follow up strategy.

Those are the key things you need to Network Like a Boss, purposefully. For more insights into this and the full breakdown, tune into one of my upcoming Increase: Network and Net Worth webinars.

🖤, Brandi