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Clubhouse app

 How do I use Clubhouse App?

Each person uses theClubhouse app differently. Here is what I learned in my first 3 weeks being on Clubhouse.

How do you get invited to Clubhouse?

Launched in April 2020, Clubhouse is a drop-in, invite-only, iPhone only, audio-only social media app that for those who are old enough to remember it is like Party Line, as my colleague reminded me. 

How to use Clubhouse App and what you need to know in general:

  • Is the Clubhouse app available on Android? At the time of drafting this, Clubhouse was only available for iOS.

  • There is a rolling admittance for users on the waitlist to get in, until then they are outside of the “club.” Droid users are in the dark, figuratively and literally. But like C Breezy said, “I don’t see how you can hate from outside of the club? You can’t even get in. I am #TeamDroid and only have an iPhone because: work. 

  • You should SECURE your user name now, even if you don’t have an invite. If you are a thought leader, industry big wig, speaker, influencer, or even remotely serious about your personal brand this is a key tip for any emerging platform. Always jump in and secure your user name.

  • Special characters: they are streamlining special characters for user names. Folkx were being very creative with the characters they used to spell their names. The founders released an update that only certain characters will be allowed to be used.

  • Avatar: Pic the best photo. Some users are adding a neon background to their headshots to stand out. Full body pics, unless you are in the sex work industry are not recommended.

  • Uninvited? There is a backdoor way “in” if someone you know is on they can see you in the holding tank and back door you in. TIP: you have to be in their contact lists BEFORE downloading the app to be visible to them.

  • Who you with? The person who invited you into the app will forever be attributed to “getting you in the club.” Special shout out to TechLifeStep for tapping me in.

  • IG integration is seamless. While in a room (as a listener, moderator, or speaker) you can click on the Instagram or Twitter profile of another user and DM them, follow them or RT them instantly without leaving the app. Genius from a UX (user experience) perspective.

  • Cross-promote CH on your other social apps to grow your following.

  • Find your tribe. Spiritual, industry, conspiracy, justice and politics, pets, astrology, couponers, sex workers, preachers, and TikTokers are in the club. Everybody from every avenue of life is represented and it’s only for iPhone. 

Using Clubhouse app effectively:

  • When you first log in you will see all of the live rooms. This is called the “hallway.”

  • New users will have a “party hat” or a streamer by your avi (profile picture). Standard for all new users within their first 7 days; automatically goes away on day 8.

  • Bio. Bio. Bio. Bios are most important on this app than any other in recent history. EVERY WORD in your bio is searchable, hashtags are not required. TIP: Power users say to beef up your bio as much as possible and talk your shit. 

  • Set notifications for rooms/conversations you don’t want to miss by tapping the bell next to the name of the talk.

  • Inbox shows you how many invites you have. It also shows you who in your contact list is not on the app yet with the phone number you have listed for them. This is cool to see because it also shows how many of their “friends” are in the club. If you invite them in, all of those contacts, plus all future contacts will see who granted whom access. 

  • The talk bubble means that person is permitted to “speak” in that room, moderator or not.

  • It’s levels to who is in the room. There are moderators inclusive of the hosts of the rooms/discussions. Speakers: others on stage with the ability to speak; have been invited on stage by mods. People the speakers follow or the floor seats balcony seats. Others in the room: balcony, nose-bleed seats, fly on the wall, observers.

  • Real, real-time. The app tells you when the people you follow were last online if they are online now and if so, what room/discussion they are currently in; all of your CH business. Blocked: Allows you to block an ex, previous boss, baby mama, rival, etc from engaging with you. There is a catch (as of this post: when you block someone you can not see the rooms they are in in the “hallway” or convos they are hosting. If you run in the same industry or circles this could limit your exposer to insightful conversations.

  • WTF is PTR? PTR stands for pull to refresh. This allows you to see the order of the people brought to the stage and the order of people who entered the “room.” TIP: This is critical for going in order of those who raised their hands during the Q&A portion of a panel-type discussion. It is also key to keep tabs on who entered your room.

  • Ping. You can get pinged into rooms by people in the room, not just moderators. Anyone who you are connected to can ping you into a room to listen in. TIP: The best reason to ping someone into a room is if you know they can add value to the conversation or that it is a topic of interest for them.

  • Notifications are auto-on when you follow a room or a club. It can become overwhelming depending on how many people you follow.

  • Ready to add value to a chat? Get to the question or the point. 

  • Mute out. When you are bought to the stage your mic is automatically on. Mute it as to not disturb. 

  • Shadow-Banned. Rooms can get shadow-banned. Be mindful of the title of your talk and the actual discussion in the rooms.
    Recorded: You are consenting to be recorded when you download and use the app. Fully read the terms and conditions of use for this app, since you didn’t for Twitter and the Book.

  • Ready to use Clubhouse? Visit the Clubhouse app website: or download the clubhouse app.


Other things to note:

  • Tap in: cool kids saying for being included, invited. 

  • Clap: Flicker or tap the mic off and on while in speaker or moderator mode.

  • The more you chat and host rooms, the more invites you get. Be strategic. TIP: Who is the most influential person you know not on Clubhouse app yet? If you invite them in, their access will be attributed to you.

  • Be mindful of the rooms you frequent, the people you follow, and the conversations you hold. People who follow you can “see” what rooms you are in. 

  • Ride the wave of what I termed, engagement follows: a trend of people auto-following people who are on stage, a moderator, or speaker. If you speak and have something of interest to say, people in the room will follow you and you see your followers increase in real time.

  • Rooms run long. A conversation/room can run well over 4 hours. I have been in some rooms at 6 pm that was going strong, with double the attendees at 1 am. The longest I know of is over 2 days and they just keep switching the moderators of the room so others can sleep.

  • Rival rooms: people will leave a live discussion to go make a room about the room they just left if someone or a group of people are offended, irritated, shunned, shamed, disrespected, speaking false info/news, or just because someone pronounced someone’s name wrong. Clubhouse gets petty fast. I warned you.

Want to host a chat/host a room? 

  • Moderators have a green star by their names. Other people can be on-stage and able to speak when they want while not having to be a moderator.

  • Keep security moderators at the door. You may have to politely, or not, cut someone off from taking over your room.

  • Ping. When you ping someone into a room that you are in.

  • Trolls. You don’t necessarily know what people are going to say when invited to speak. TIP: Be sure to use a system where all moderators click on users’ profiles, IG, and Twitter profiles to see what they are about BEFORE letting them speak. I have heard so many people with opposing views take over stages and have to be banned/blocked.

  • Clubs are not necessary. OG Clubhouse users (in since June and August) say they don’t use their rooms and that they get more engagement with rooms they simply schedule randomly or open up on the fly. Full disclosure, I am starting a club anyway. 

  • Reset the room, often. Resetting the room is when a mod/host takes a moment for a PSA to let new people in the room know what the discussion is, what the rules of engagement are. Examples: how long you have to ask your question or speak (30 seconds), how many questions you can ask, specify the person you would like to answer your question or respond to, etc.

  • More moderators don’t make for a better, more engaged room. It can actually cause confusion and the more the merrier may no

  • Have other mods know that they are vetting people they invite to the stage.

  • Attend the new user info sessions on Wednesdays.

Glossary Starter Kit: 

  • Invite: access to invite someone to CH

  • Hallway: lists all live rooms when you first log into the app.

  • CH: short for Clubhouse

  • PTR: pull to refresh

  • Clapping: Tap the mic on and off

  • RTR or reset the room: share the topic, overview of the room including rules

  • One Mic: mods will say that when too many people are speaking/yelling

  • Moderator: Can govern the discussion by speaking at will, adding people to the stage, removing people from the room, changing the title of the room, etc.

  • Row: pertains to the row you are on in the audience; more useful for small to medium size room.

Add me in the club @Brandi_Rand.

🖤, Brandi.